Pooh Bear ...his head is full of fluff and he is in<3 w/honey!! His favorite clothing is one of his own...a red t-shirt.

T-i-double g-er...his playful spirit is acompanied with his spring loaded tail, he loves to stretch the truth and have fun!

Caillou is a playful young man who loves to explore the world around him and his great looks make him sooo cute (lol) He kind of looks like my little brother : )

Idk if you remember Bananas in Pajamas,but they used 2 be my fav. tv show when i was little...i remember thier theme song...sort of... bananas in pajamas are comming down the stairs, (something else), bananas in pajamas are chasing teddy bears, (and i dont remember the rest)

Don't forget Tinkerbell!! This wonderful,and clumsy,fairy spreads "flying powers" to help whoever believes to fly.

Polka dot splatters : )